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The years have been spent building up a strong “quality” orientated company which has placed a high priority on “customer satisfaction” & “second-to-none service”.

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Forklift Tyre Specialists

Welcome to Industrial Tyre Specialists. We are the only wholly owned and run Irish Forklift Tyre Specialists company in Ireland. We were the First Industrial Tyre company to bring forklift solid tyres to the market in 1979 through the vision of our father Jim Clancy. 

Supplying All Industries

Forklift Tyre Specialists

We can supply Tyres for all Forklifts including white tyres.

Industry Specific Tyres

We supply forklift pneumatic tyres and solids for industries including waste...

Specialist Tyre Services

See our full range of forklift specialist services that we provide nation wide.

Forklifts Tyres

We supply forklift tyres to all the major companies in Dublin. We offer new solids and forklift pneumatic tyres fitted up on our exchange wheels for immediate fitment or we can go on site and fit with our mobile press. This mobile press fitting service is becoming more and more popular as our customers want on-site service with new tyres fitted to their own forklift wheels.


Supplying Tyre

Supplying all makes and grades of industrial and forklift tyres. We are Forklift Tyre Specialists working with the Industry Leaders in Material Handling & Speciality Tyres.

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We are 100% Irish owned business located in Ireland, trading since 1979.

Welcome to Industrial Tyre Specialists

100% Irish Business. Fully owned and operated in Ireland

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