Solid Forklifts Tyres

We supply forklift tyres to all the major companies in Dublin. We offer new solids and forklift pneumatic tyres fitted up on our exchange wheels for immediate fitment or we can go on site and fit with our mobile press. This mobile press fitting service is becoming more and more popular as our customers want on-site service with new tyres fitted to their own forklift wheels.


We can convert pneumatic tyres on forklifts to solids or vice-versa.


There are many different types of Forklift Tyres. Selecting the right forklifts is important to significantly reduce the operation costs and increase the productivity.

Pneumatic Tyres

Pneumatic Tyres are very similar to heavy duty truck tyres and are very durable. Made of hard wearing rubber, these forklifts will extend the operating life of a tyre due to an air cushion placed between the forklift and the terrain. This explains why pneumatic tyres have asuch a long durability.
Solids are an alternative to pneumatics and are not recommended for rough terrain use. The main benefit of solids is that they won’t puncture or go flat like a pneumatic tyre.


Non Marking Forklift Tyres are available in solids, pneumatics and cushion tyres. These tyres don’t mark the floors and are highly employed by specific factories for hygiene reasons.

Press On Brands

Press-on-solids are available from us, in a range of compounds with a choice of profiles & tread patterns to cover an extremely diverse range of site operating conditions.


We supply rubber and polyurethane tyres. We supply Continental and Trelleborg approved press on bands for all articulated forklifts including Bendi, Flexi and Combilift & Aisle Master (to name a few).

Camso Construction Wholesale Tyres

Our wide range of construction tires offer high-performance solutions to meet your safety, uptime and sustainability challenges, no matter the work surface or application. From radial to bias to solid tires, our product lines ensure you meet all requirements.


As a leader in the construction world, we work with the main manufacturers in the industry and act as a key player that develops and manufactures products that help to sustainably build the planet.

Waste Machinery Tyres

Designed with the demands of recycling and waste management operations in mind our range of Cushion solid tyres delivers the toughness of a traditional solid tire and a ride comfort equivalent to a filled pneumatic tire. 


Our cushion solid tyres  are designed to perform in tough recycling and waste management applications while providing the most comfortable ride within the industry. TY Cushion/Trelleborg/Camso.

Ground Support Tyre

We distribute a wide range of ground support equipment tyres for the aerospace industry including lifts, baggage carts, tractors, passenger boarding bridges and more. Camso, Continental and Trelleborg.

The Forklifts we supply tyres for include:





















Anhui Heli




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