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Mobile Press Fitting & Wheel Exchange Service

Mobile Press Fitting

Through our fleets of service vehicles and mobile presses we are able to reach forklifts wherever they are and to give comprehensive, fast and efficient tyre fitting service.

Exchange Wheel Service

Our exchange wheel programme is an alternative tyre replacement option. Instead of mobile press fitting, a complete tyre and wheel assembly is transported to site and fitted reducing vehicle downtime to a minimum.

Service Providers Network

We offer high-quality forklift tyre specialist services. We believe in the power of networking and understand that together we are better and stronger. That’s why we share everything we learn across all our operations and why we use the same processes and systems – wherever you are you can rely on Industrial Tyre Specialists.

ContiPressureCheck ™

Continental produce a tyre pressure monitoring system which is used in all applications from Truck and Port Applications to Mines and Quarries. The innovative In Tyre Sensor measures pressure and temperature in each individual tyre in real time, and sends the information and any low pressure alerts to a display mounted in the drivers cab. The early warning of pressure loss means immediate corrective action can be taken and can save thousands of euro in tyre expenses from saving just one tyre.

Trelleborg Lifting Bag

Trelleborg have introduced a lifting bag which can be used to lift, move or shift anything up to 67 Tonnes! The uses are endless and we believe that this product has a big potential in the Irish Market.

ZEUS Tyrefill & Liquifill

We are sole distributors for ZEUS™ Tyrefill & Liquifill. This is becoming very popular in areas where only pumped tyres will work but suffer badly from punctures. Tyrefill (solid fill) is mostly used in areas such as forklift tyres, as well as waste disposal and material handling applications. These tyres flat proofed with Zeus® Tyrefill will ride almost like pneumatic tyres and are as durable as solid tyres.

Liquifill is a flat tyre-proofing preventive measure. Once it is installed in a pneumatic tyre, it prevents most flats due to the fact it contains suspended particles within the liquid. Rim and bead air leaks are also practically eliminated. Liquifill is a reliable puncture sealing material which is currently reducing flat tyres caused by pointed or sharp objects.

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